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Bermudx Roofing Of Spring Texas can guide you through your roofing claim

Roof damage can occur in a blink of an eye during a wind or hail storm. High winds can lift the roof shingles and tear them away from the fasteners. This damages the shingles beyond repair. Hail can cause holes, gashes, and fractures in shingles that may lead to water penetration/leaks. Hail can even cause holes in your roof sheathing. Even the smallest indention from a hail strike can cause major problems. 

Just because your roof seems to be in good condition after a storm does not mean it's not damaged. Many times storm damage will not be totally visible when looking up from the ground. Bermudx Roofing Of Spring Texas will perform a thorough inspection to identify any storm damage (Wind or Hail) which can shorten the life of your roofing system drastically.


Bermudx Roofing Of Spring Texas can guide you through the steps of filing a claim, including the most important – A full roof inspection. We will verify, take pictures, notes, and document the storm damage and make the the roof’s claim process easy and efficient. Feel free to ask us questions you may have about your claim. You can also find helpful information on our site.


Whether or not you select Bermudx Roofing Of Spring Texas, it is important that you have a contractor present when your roof is inspected by the insurance adjuster. We have hundreds of customers who were originally “denied”, or told their roof was in “good shape” by their insurance adjuster. It is not in the insurance company’s best interest to replace or repair your roof; this costs them money. Having a contractor present to assess the damage can make the difference in whether or not your claim is processed correctly. 

No one can make an insurance adjuster approve repairs for damage that doesn’t exist. However, the right contractor can point out damage that may go overlooked by an adjuster.

Most people don’t know this, but if your insurance adjuster is not wanting to cooperate with you, you can ask your insurance company to asses you a new one. It does not hurt to try, and it does not cost you money to do so.

Even if you’ve filed a claim before, if the roofing contractor sees evident damage, call out another adjuster.

If your roofing claim is approved, chose the right contractor!

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