Residential Storm Damage Roof Repair

Your roof can be affected by a storm in a couple of minutes and there's not a significant size or type of storm that can permanently affect your roof. This is why our roofing company performs storm damage roof repairs in Spring on a regular basis. Even a slight amount of storm damage to your roof can allow water to penetrate and lead to further damage inside your attic and home. If a leak isn’t treated in time it can cause mold to grow on the interior of your home, so as soon as you suspect there has been some storm damage to your roof you need to call a roofing professional like Bermudx Roofing Of Spring Texas. Below are the types of the most common storm damage we see as well as some more helpful information.


Hail Damage

Storm damage caused by hail is a serious threat to your roof. Hail damage causes small indentations and holes in your roofs shingles. Once a roof has been damaged by hail, it is not repairable, and there is no such thing as “a little hail damage”. If your home gets hail damage you can call Bermudx Roofing Of Spring Texas for a free roof evaluation/inspection and we'll show you the extent of the damage and if necessary guide you through the process of a roof replacement whether its out of pocket or through the insurance.


Wind Damage

Assessing storm damage caused by wind is not so cut and dry. Residential asphalt shingles are designed to self-seal by way of a tar strip adhering to a match point on each shingle. During a windstorm this tar strip can unseal and the shingle can lift. A lifted shingle alone is not considered damaged. However, if wind-blown debris attaches to the tar strip during the storm and prevents the shingle from re-sealing, then the shingle is damaged beyond repair. A free roof inspection from one of our expert roofers will help identify potential wind damage.

Spring Texas Wind Damage Debris.jpg

Flying Debris Or MISC. Item

This is usually a tree branch or similar object which falls, impacts the structure, and causes damage. Don’t assume your roof is fine after a storm simply because it appears to be intact. Most storm damage is not visible from the ground or to the untrained eye. Bermudx Roofing Of Spring Texas will provide a free roof inspection to determine if your roof is still working properly and fully protecting your home.

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